- How do I open a box?                   

With the use command, ex. t-use item_box


- How can I kill a specific person?

You can't target a specific person on our server(you can change that option on your personal server).

Our server is configured for the attack condition: random target choice.

Made to prevent targeted pressure on one person.


- What happens if I die?

If you are killed by another mercenary, you will lose at least 2 items (possibly more) and some money and scrap.


- What happens when I kill someone?

You will receive 100 XP, some money and scrap from the killed enemy, and 2 or more items from his inventory.


- Why can't I buy some items?

Some users would be overpowered if they could directly purchase weapons.

Imagine someone buying a weapon and ammo for it just to kill you instantly.


- What do I do with tokens after an event is over?

They will be useful to you in the future.


- How to buy/sell items?

To sell something, use t-sell command.

Also, you can check local Blackmarket channel.

Use t-trade if you want to trade locally.

Or use t-blackmarket command to list your item on the cross-server market.

- What is the black market?


The black market allows you to list items for sale to other players.

You can search black market listings on the bot using the blackmarket command.


- How can I make all attacks random?

You can force all attacks to be random with the serversettings command. Keep in mind you will need the Manage Server permission to modify server settings.


- Can I choose who to attack?

Yes, you can use a weapon to attack a specific player if the server is in selectable attack mode. The attack mode changes on a server by server basis; you can check the current attack mode with the serversettings command.

Once enabled, attacking a specific player is as easy as t-use rock @dream

- How do I gain XP? or levelup?

You can gain experience from opening boxes and killing other players.

You can check your progress towards the next level with the xp command. Leveling up will reward you with a crate based on your level and unlock new crafting recipes.


- What is crafting?

Craft high-quality items from many components.


- What qualifies as an inactive player?

A player that has not played for more than 2 weeks is considered inactive.

Inactive players are automatically deactivated from all servers to keep the attack pool consisting of active players.


- What is a passive shield?

A passive shield is a 24-hour attack shield given to you when you are killed. The passive shield will automatically be removed if you decide to attack someone.


- What is Scrap and how do I get it?

Scrap is the dedicated currency for all the gambling commands. You can get it by buying it: t-buy scrap <amount>

Scrap is also used to purchase unique items from Outpost, you can check what you can purchase on the homepage of the shop.


- How do I change the prefix?

If you have the Manage Server permission, you can change the prefix with the setprefix command. Example: t-setprefix