Commands list



t-use <item> <@user> - use items or weapons.

t-open <item> <amount> - open a box / crate

t-buy <item> <amount> - Purchase items.

t-sell <item> <amount> - Sell items for Credits.

t-sellall <rarity> - Sell multiple items for Credits.

t-craft <item> <amount> - Craft item(s).

t-scrap <item> <amount> - Disassemble to get scrap.

t-recycle <item> <amount> - Break item(s) into parts.

t-equip <item/banner> - Equip an item.

t-unequip <item/banner> - Unequip an item.

t-trade <@user> - Trade item(s) with another player.

t-upgrade <skill> <amount> - Upgrade your skills.




t-blackjack <amount> - Play a blackjack game.

t-coinflip <amount> - Flip a coin for a win.

t-jackpot <amount> - Play with other players. Make your bet, only 1 winner.

t-roulette <amount> - Play Russian roulette game...or die.

t-slots <amount> - Slots machine. Ace...Ace...Ace...




t-blackmarket <item> - Search for specific item.

t-blackmarketlistings - View your listing.

t-blackmarketremove <listing ID> - Remove listing from merket.

t-blackmarketsell - Add a new item to the Black Market.




t-setprefix <prefix> - Change bot prefix on the server('t-' default).

t-setstatus <status> - Set user status.

t-togglekillfeed - Select channel to anounce all server kills.

t-disablekillfeed - Discable  kill feed channel.

t-togglelevelchannel - All level up messages will be in that channel.

t-disablelevelchannel - Disable level up messages in the selected channel.

t-toggleattacknotify <prefix> - Toggle this to enable DM when you are attacked.

t-togglebmnotify - Will DM you when your BlackMarket item sold.

t-mysettings - View and change your personal settings.

t-serversettings - View and change server settings.

t-setammo <item> - Set preffered ammo time.

t-setbadge <badge> - Select a badge to display.

t-toggleraidnotify - Toggle this to enable DM when your clan is raided.

t-togglerandomattacks - Change server settings to allow random attacks.


t-hourly - Receive a free military crate every 1 hour.

t-daily - Receive a free military crate every 24 hours.

t-trivia - Answer a random question for a reward.

t-scramble - Unscramble a random word.

t-vote - Vote for a bot and get a reward in the game.

t-weekly - Receive a free supply drop (for Patreons only).


t-active - Show all active users on the current server.

t-backpack - Show your backpack and stats.

t-badge <badge> - Show badge information.

t-balance - Show your current balance.

t-botinfo - More information about the bot.

t-cooldowns - Display all command cooldowns.

t-craftables - Show all items you can craft.

t-enemy - Show upcoming enemy (for Patreons only).

t-health - Show your current health.

t-help <command> - Show all commands.

t-inventory <@user/discord#tag> - Show inventory.

t-items <item> - More detailed information about the item.

t-leaderboard <g> - Show server leaderboard.

t-level - Check your level.

t-points - Display current experience points. And how many exp left to the next level.

t-power - Show your current power.

t-profile <@user/discord#tag> - Check your stats.

t-rules - View game rules.

t-shop - Show all items in the shop.



t-activate - Activate your account on current server.

t-deactivate - Deactivate your account on current server.

t-enablespawns - Grab the attention of raid bosses in channel of your choise(for Patreons only).

t-disablespawns - Stop raid bosses spawn in your channel(for Patreons only).

t-discord - Home discord server link (x2 daily rewards).

t-donate - Your support is irreplaceable.

t-link - Get a bot invite link.

t-ping - Check bot ping.

t-report <message> - Report another player or situation(breaking the rules).